U.S. Army’s Delay Over for New Handgun Solicitation

US Troops Shooting M9 pistols U.S. Armys Delay Over for New Handgun SolicitationA number of revisions have caused nearly a year in delays for the U.S. Army’s solicitation of bids for a handgun to replace the M9. Handgun companies will have the opportunity to bid for a $580 million contract and the ability to promote themselves as the brand used by the U.S. Army. That is, if they can get through all the bureaucracy, a huge hurdle brands such as Ruger have chosen to pass on. Beretta has had this contract for over 25 years now. Among other things, the solicitation requires features such as “modifiable grips, varied magazine options, ambidextrous controls, and rails for accessories.” Performance goals include the ability “to hit a 4-inch target at a 50-meter range at least 90 percent of the time throughout the gun’s lifespan” and “the round should be able to penetrate 14-inches into ballistics gel at 50 meters.” The test package submission deadline is Jan 28, 2016.

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