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SOG Bullet Button with Wrench


Product Description

This AR-15 Bullet Button can be used on all AR-15 type rifles and AR-10 rifles using a stock AR-15 button.

The BULLET-BUTTON is a product that allows the shooter to drop a magazine with the use of a tool. It prevents finger manipulation of the mag release, and creates a condition allowable under CURRENT INDIVIDUAL INTERPRETATIONS of California law. This does not create a detachable mag situation, but creates an attachable-fixed magazine condition. A bullet tip can be used as the tool, as can any small object such as Allen wrench, or small screwdriver.

This button CAN NOT be used with magazines greater than 10 rounds in capacity. To do so in the state of California on an unregistered assault weapon, would be a felony.

The BULLET-BUTTON installs in less than a minute, requires no gunsmithing, or cutting on any part of the rifle. The installation is not permanent, and can be reversed just as quickly.

Materials are anodized, and raw, aircraft grade aluminum, and carbon spring steel wire. All parts needed to convert your standard, or Prince50 equipped AR-15 are included.

The BULLET-BUTTON has not yet been approved by the CALDOJ.

Installation Instructions.


AR-15 Mag Lock Patent Pending


  1. Make sure rifle is unloaded.

  2. Remove all illegal features.

  3. Remove magazine.

  4. Remove existing latch assembly and spring.

  5. Install the BULLET-BUTTON cage, (the large black anodized part), into the rifle, small hole first. Into the receiver.

  6. It will protrude 1/8in. more than the stock button did.

  7.  Place the enclosed spring into the BULLET-BUTTON.

  8. Install the mag catch that came with your rifle.

  9. Put a TINY amount of blue loctite in the threads of the round aluminum nut.

  10. Loctite not required if you check periodically to be sure the nut is not backing off the mag catch.

  11. Screw onto the mag catch stud with a screwdriver. The nut will stop turning when the screwdriver reaches the mag catch stud.

  12. Using a very small jewelers screwdriver, you can continue to turn the nut onto the mag catch by engaging one slot of the nut, and turning around the edge of the stud.

  13.  Keep turning the nut until the top is flush or below the mag catch end.

  14. Verify that the latch is operational, does not bind, or lock in the open position.



This latch has been designed to conform to the law AS WRITTEN in California PC 978.20(a) which defines a detachable magazine as:  “detachable magazine means any ammunition feeding device that can be removed readily from the firearm with neither disassembly of the firearm action nor the use of a tool being required. A bullet or ammunition cartridge is considered a tool.

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