Eotech sight – Model 552 (Night Vision Compatible) 2
Eotech sight – Model 552 (Night Vision Compatible) 3

Eotech sight – Model 552 (Night Vision Compatible)


Product Description

The EOTech line of red dot sights are easily recognized by their unique and highly functional reticle. Rather than the typical single dot, the EOTech uses a 1 MOA ring. The small single dot is very useful for precision shooting, and when combined with the larger ring, the reticle offers very fast close quarters target acquisition. Unlike many other manufacturers that use LEDs to create the aiming dot, EOTech advanced the use of holography to project its reticle on the viewing window with the same heads-up displays (HUDs) for the military. Designed for law enforcement and the military, EOTech sights are reinforced with a metal shield surrounding the viewing window for increased durability. Additionally, all electronics are fully encapsulated in a shock-absorbing resin compound. All controls are flush to the housing with no protruding knobs, battery compartments or mounting rings to block vision around the sight, which aids two-eyes-open shooting. The reticle is activated by a single push of either the

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